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Horizon is the annual techno-cultural festival of Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang. Horizon hosts a variety of events including competitions, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Horizon aims to provide technically inclined Indian youth a national-level platform where their talent and expertise can be recognized and rewarded. Having grown rapidly since its nascent years, Horizon is attended by students across India.


Following some years in abeyance “Horizon” was revived in 2014.


With growing popularity of Horizon, the SOCH16 team decided to organise it for 4 days instead of 3. More than 50 competitions and fun events were organised which included most popular events like Battle of Bands,Treasure Hunts and also some new events like Amazon Race,Plan a City,etc. Robotics workshop and HORIZON CUBE OPEN (affiliated by WORLD CUBE ASSOCIATION) were organised as pre-Horizon events. DJ Shireen awakened every soul and made them groove to the beats. Team Sparking Piston showed a stunning performance through the daredevil stunts. Harshit Saxena featured at the Pronite, whose magical voice made the Valentine night a special one to remember. Four days of extravaganza called HORIZON16 was a remarkable success and left its imprint in our hearts.


The Event was the next upgraded version of HORIZON 2K14. It started with tech talk by Jayasimha,the memory champ and Guinness world record holder.T he amazing collection of superbikes like Harley Davidsons,BMWYamaha V-maxSuzuki Hayabusa,etc. was the biggest surprise for the participants. Lastly the performance of the Underground Authority at the Pronite was the main attraction of the event.


The 3 day techno cultural festival featured SIIXTHVEDA at Pronite and many events including “Gully Cricket”, “Scavengio”"Troubleshooting”, “Google It”, “Junkyard wars”, “Roboveda”, “Lyrics interpretation”, ”Zah reh”, and the IGIT version of ROADIES, the I-Roadies.
treasure hunt attracted over 500 searchers. Evenings featured live music by multiple bands from across the state.
Workshops covered among other things Android app development and Ethical hacking.

Popular Events

  • Battle of Bands
  • Robo Veda
  • Gully Cricket
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Battle e saltito
  • Logo Vita
  • Plan a city
  • Hydrorocket
  • Pro-nite

The Team

SOCH(Student Organising Committee of Horizon) is the official body that organise Horizon. Headed by a Chief Coordinator, the committee is divided into two sections Events and Administrative. All the event related portfolios is headed by a Chief Event Coordinator and the administrative portfolios by Chief Administrative Coordinator. These administrative portfolios include finance, logistics, publicity, sponsorships, public relations, hospitality, stage management, etc. which are individually handled by a group of coordinators. Each event is organized by individual event coordinators whose responsibility is to successfully conduct the event. Contribution of these coordinators make the Horizon successful.


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